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What Films Yogis Should Watch

It’s not a common theme in films, but there are some interesting movies around that could appeal to those who believe in spiritual enlightenment, yoga and more. As somebody who has dabbled in yoga and enjoy being around the types of people who practice it, I’ve found some movies that I think will be enjoyed by even the most fledgeling yogi.

Ashtanga NY

This is actually a documentary about a man who left to teach a group of dedicated Ashtanga yogis back in 2001, and what began as a standard visit ended up being a life-altering time when the September 11th attacks took place during his visit to New York. The documentary goes into great detail showing how the Ashtanga practice benefits in both times of sadness and joy.

Tree Of Life


If you are looking for a film that really captures humanity, love and honesty, then Tree of Life is a film that will bring that to you with unflinching clarity. Tree of Life is the film about a boy named Jack, who as a boy growing up in the 1950’s in Texas suffers death and a bad relationship with his father. But his mothers love builds a foundation for forgiveness.


Enlighten Up!

A documentary asking whether Yoga can transform even the most sceptical folk? Kate Churchill asks this question in Enlighten Up! A documentary where Nick Rosen travels across the globe to study with some of the most respected yogis and teachers and weight loss retreat owners in the world. Nick meets with some incredible teachers such as Jicamukti founders Sharon Gannon, David Life and Sri K. pattabhi Jois shortly before he died. A deep exploration into what Yoga can mean to people this film is a great must-see documentary.










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Movie Adaptations From Remarkable Kids Books

A lot of of the greatest children’s books have been adapted to be dearly loved films. Popular family books that have stood the test of time are often first-rate candidates to make a remarkable film, but, when a book is made into a motion picture it always begs the question of whether the book is better or the motion picture is better and how closely does the movie stick to the story line of the book?

In 2008, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi was made into a movie. There are five books in the book sequence but only one motion picture has been made so far. It follows the journey of a family of children who find a weird and wonderful book in their new home that leads them into a world filled with trolls and goblins, elves, dwarves and other creatures.

The adored children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl was originally published in 1964. It has been adapted into 2 famous movies, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” in 1971, starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka and from 2005 “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

One of the most favorite family books of all times is “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. From its first printing back in 1952 it has maintained its reputation throughout. The book was first made into an cartoon motion picture in 1973. In December 2006, a live action motion picture adaptation was released. Both of the movies very directly followed the plot of the book.

Dr. Seuss is arguably the most adored family authors of all times. A lot of of his stories are now being finished into films. The most recent was “Horton Hears A Who” in 2008 with Jim Carrey as the voice of Horton. This animated feature movie was pretty similar to the book.

An extra Seuss book, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” had an cartoon version that came out in 1966. It followed the book virtually exactly. However, the big budget movie of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” from 2000 added many new scenes and events. The motion picture “The Cat In The Hat” which came out in 2003 also made many changes from the book.

One of the maximum grossing motion picture series of all times is from the family books on Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling. At this point six of the 7 books have been made into films with a plan to make two films from the 7th episode for a total of 8 films. This series is the 2nd utmost grossing series in history after James Bond.

Kids books oftentimes make magnificent films that the whole family can enjoy. Viewing the movies and reading the books as a family unit can make for a number of magnificent family unit times and fantastic family unit memories.

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Five movies that Changed The Content Of Their Source Material

Book to movie adaptations are a favorite with movie makers. Not only does a book provide a well-structured story line, it also is a good source to find well-rounded characters & emotions. But there are always some minor changes to the plot line due to unavoidable constraints of packing an entire book into a two hour movie. There could be multiple reasons for these changes. The production team may find a plot change necessary to sell the movie better or to make it more engaging for the audience. Whatever may be the reason, if the plot is radically different, it can leave fans disoriented. However, if the plot change turns out to be better than its original book counterpart, it could make movie goers happier than when they read the book. We bring you five movies that have drastically changed the plot line while adapting the movie from the book.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II
The movie that was the climax to the Twilight saga featured an entire scene towards the end of the movie in which Bella and her friends fight the Volturi. However, the whole fight scene was merely a vision of what could have happened if the two sides did actually battle each other. This fight sequence was not mentioned in the book.

P.S. I Love You
This teen romance novel hit the bestseller list as soon as it was first published. The book is set in Ireland; however the movie is set in New York City. The book also had far more male characters, but they were removed in what many assume to be a ploy at making it a chick-flick. There were additional bar scenes that were deleted in the final cut of the film.

This modern day sci-fi thriller was already a cult favorite before the movie came out. However, fans noticed the glaring discrepancies in the movie. Edward was barely given a role in the movie. Also, when Tris is attacked by Al & Peter, there was an element of sexual assault in which Peter & Al make fun of Tris’ body. This part was entirely omitted from the movie. The fact that Tris was not all that younger to Four was also not mentioned in the movie.

Jurassic Park
This is one of the few movies that actually made the book more popular than it ever had been. This Micheal Crichton thriller was about a bunch of dinosaurs killing people on a remote island. Although the movie started just as the book did, the ending wasn’t the same. For example, in the book, almost every human that ever went to the island doesn’t come back alive – they all die. But in the movie, almost everyone escapes alive. Also, the book has a deep subplot explaining scientific theories such as complexity theory. All this was eliminated from the movie to tell a more popular, and a less complicated, tale.

The Hunger Games
When the movie released, almost everyone who had read the book went to see it. But as usual, it is very difficult to pack an entire book into a small movie so certain omissions had to be made. For example, the prominent character of Madge was completely omitted from the movie. Furthermore, in the book, at the end of the games, the mutations that attacked the remaining tributes were ‘ghosts’ of the former tributes. In the movie, they were only wild animals.

Whether you like the changes made to your favorite book or not, always remember that telling an engaging story is not an easy task. You can’t satisfy everyone’s demands. The best you can do is to tell a story that you will like to watch as an audience. The right training is not just about getting the right technical skills but also about learning to be honest to your craft. A good institute will impart you with the knowledge of good story telling along with software skills.


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