Is Online Streaming Doing A Disservice For The Movie Industry?

The popularity of online streaming has exploded in the last decade, but with a rise in cheap to produce and poorly written movies has this been a benefit for the film industry? Online streaming has brought us a lot of new opportunities, from watching the films we want when we want to to saving money for theater tickets. However, online streaming has also created a market for movies that are low budget and poorly put together. Now more than ever, you need to know what you’re getting with the movie and be prepared for it.

Background Information

Before online streaming was widely available, films were made with a specific purpose. The film would be seen on the big screen because it is being put together by experienced directors and producers. Many of these people are very talented, but they probably won’t put out a low-budget movie because they know that the movie will not be worth their time if it isn’t well done. This is why we see films such as ‘The Godfather: Part II,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ and ‘Apocalypse Now. They are well known, and they’re worth the ticket price because they provide entertainment to the masses.

Online Streaming at a Glance

Today, however, we have both a lower movie quality standard and an increasing availability of cheaper content online. Many of these films are being offered for free or on very low cost. This makes movies much more accessible to the general public. Unfortunately, this does not always translate into quality or even a positive viewing experience. The fact that these movies are so cheap to make means that they generally don’t have high production quality. For example, the film ‘Mogli: Legend of the Jungle’ was released in theaters only, but it amassed a record of nearly $1 million on its first day. Mogli is a movie that you would expect to find online streaming for free or at a low cost.

Benefits of Online Streaming

One great thing about online streaming is that it has actually brought about some positive changes to the film industry. This is because it has offered up an opportunity for independent filmmakers and smaller content producers to put out their own productions. Some of these productions are very good, and it gives a chance for people to get their creations out into the world. The online streaming market is still growing, and there will be an influx of new content providers who can bring great movies to the table.

Online Streaming Disadvantages

At the same time, movies like Mogli are being created at a cost that makes them accessible to everyone. However, the fact that these movies are being made and released so quickly means that they aren’t being put through the same quality testing as many of the older films. This means that you don’t know what you’re going to get when you search for a film on online streaming. You have to be prepared for a film that is shot in low quality, using amateur actors, and doesn’t really make sense. In addition, online streaming has created a market for movies that are simply unfunny and not worth watching.

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