The City Of Gardens, Victoria

If you’re into the beautiful British gardens in “Downton Abbey” then you might like to take a trip to the picturesque capital city of British Columbia, Canada is Victoria, known as “the city of gardens” on account of its own plentiful flora and breathtaking beauty. Situated on the southern shore of Vancouver Island, abundant sunlight and the city’s temperate climate allow it to be possible for its gardens to flourish.

Locals revel in the continuous flower of the city’s blooms and are rather pleased with the variety of blooms which are already blossoming soon in the early months of the year, when the remaining part of the state as well as the nation are still in winter’s icy grasp. By February, crocuses, daffodils, early rhododendrons, are in flower and splendidly the beautiful cherry blossom trees are lining the roads with their shower of pink petals. The city comes alight with colour!

Fairholme Manor Bed and Breakfast is similar to staying at a garden in a garden. The Manor’s park-like property boast their very own private gardens all place within “the city of gardens”. The suites give guests a spectacular flowery view looking out on the colourful flowers against the backdrop of sea and mountains in the garden. Fairholme’s gardens also include herbs and organic vegetables, which are utilized in the gourmet breakfasts. The B&B is situated next to Government House, with its own gorgeously manicured gardens if this was not enough leaves!

A visit to the city of gardens is not complete without seeing THE garden the city is known for: Butchart Gardens. Butchart Gardens, found just north of Victoria in Brentwood Bay, is a complete fifty acres of plants, trees, and spectacular flora which has obviously had some wonderful lawn maintenance services completed on it, with trails meandering throughout the lovely property. The Gardens are open year round, with a visual splendor in every season. In the summertime, along with the rich show of leaves and blooms, there’s additionally fireworks entertainment and weekly . In the wintertime, the gardens are bedecked with an outdoor skating rink, decorations, and Christmas lights.

Victoria’s distinctively plentiful flora makes it a scenic and memorable spot to go to, which is how it earned its reputation as the “greatest bloomin’ city in Canada”!

Bahnhof Dorsten
manor gardens
Picture by Reinhard H

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