What Films Yogis Should Watch

It’s not a common theme in films, but there are some interesting movies around that could appeal to those who believe in spiritual enlightenment, yoga and more. As somebody who has dabbled in yoga and enjoy being around the types of people who practice it, I’ve found some movies that I think will be enjoyed by even the most fledgeling yogi.

Ashtanga NY

This is actually a documentary about a man who left to teach a group of dedicated Ashtanga yogis back in 2001, and what began as a standard visit ended up being a life-altering time when the September 11th attacks took place during his visit to New York. The documentary goes into great detail showing how the Ashtanga practice benefits in both times of sadness and joy.

Tree Of Life


If you are looking for a film that really captures humanity, love and honesty, then Tree of Life is a film that will bring that to you with unflinching clarity. Tree of Life is the film about a boy named Jack, who as a boy growing up in the 1950’s in Texas suffers death and a bad relationship with his father. But his mothers love builds a foundation for forgiveness.


Enlighten Up!

A documentary asking whether Yoga can transform even the most sceptical folk? Kate Churchill asks this question in Enlighten Up! A documentary where Nick Rosen travels across the globe to study with some of the most respected yogis and teachers and weight loss retreat owners in the world. Nick meets with some incredible teachers such as Jicamukti founders Sharon Gannon, David Life and Sri K. pattabhi Jois shortly before he died. A deep exploration into what Yoga can mean to people this film is a great must-see documentary.










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